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What we do…

We provide our clients with a framework for uncovering and rationalising their corporate identity and provide actionable methodologies across their businesses to align strategic direction and deliver on commercial objectives.

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Business Commercialisation: Are you looking for some help in bringing your new enterprise or product launch to market?

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Business commercialisation is the process of introducing a new product or service to market.

Sounds simple, however for a new enterprise it additionally requires an organisation formulating strategic direction and a systemised process of deployment across commercial principles such as production, distribution, sales and marketing through to customer support and beyond.

At Footprint Promotions, our founders have extensive cross sector experience in Private Equity and Management Consulting within the technology start-up ecosystem delivering compliance, corporate finance, strategic development, go-to-market and system process programs.

We understand that conceptualising a great idea is one thing, however developing a great idea into a viable commercial enterprise is quite another.

That’s why we’re here, to utilise our experience and help you through this process based on our proven pragmatic and focused methodologies.

Selected program components:

  • Corporate structuring, compliance & financial modelling

  • Capital structuring (Debt/Equity)

  • Commercial document suites

  • Corporate branding & commercial identity

  • Objective setting & capability analysis

  • Operations design & management

  • Sales, marketing & go-to-market

  • PE & VC Strategy

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Branding Solutions: Need to chat to us about a brand refresh, product launch or your go-to-market?

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A brand, in its literal sense is simply a logo.  A visual representation of ownership.

Branding however in a modern commercial context is something excessively different.  A brand effectively represents a set of expectations as to what your organisation stands for.  It is who you are, what you do and why you do it.

At Footprint Promotions, we work with our clients at both the corporate and product/service level to effectively define and represent their identity and maintain continuance with the established corporate narrative.

One message that guides employees and establishes trust within markets.

Selected program components:

  • Corporate message & brand audit

  • Internal/External stakeholder identification

  • Company/Product positioning

  • Strategic brand framework

  • Narrative

  • Visual identity

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Communication Programs: Need to formalise your communication, looking at a new venture or product launch?

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Corporate Communication is simply the dissemination of information through varying channels of engagement to identified organisational and market constituents.

Effective communication however needs to leverage appropriate targeted messaging designed for each of these key stakeholders and drive perceptions and the ensuing action towards the achievement of strategic outcomes.

At Footprint we work with our clients to not only create consistent messaging through all collateral and marketing assets, however also to engineer programs utilising effective channel selection and program funnels, where we can drive these individual perceptions within multiple targeted audiences.

Selected program components:

  • Objective setting

  • Capability analysis

  • Program design

  • Content provision

  • Deployment

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Promotional Merchandise: Looking to add some longevity to your next campaign, trade show or event?

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Merchandise is where we started some 9 years ago deploying our unique “old school” ethos of pure Account Management and disputing the market trend that the cheapest “3 Quote” winner represented the best result.

Your brand SHOULD NOT be represented by the cheapest quote…that simply devalues your business.

So, whilst we can obviously simply supply product at competitive rates, we invariably work with our clients on effective alignment to campaign objectives where merchandise provides the ongoing brand reminder that its designed purpose represents.

Merchandise is not something that should be bolted onto the end of your campaign, it should drive tangible value for your marketing initiatives and deliver a lasting impression.

Selected program components:

  • Campaign brief

  • Objective setting

  • Theme boards

  • Quoting

  • Selection and sign off

  • Production and delivery

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Merchandise Catalogue: here is a list of our daily drivers…just a selection of what we can offer.

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